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Hi guys.

Its great to be apart of the community and hope to network with all of you eventually.

I am just starting out wholesaling and am about to get a house under contract, but my problem is that I don't know of any title companies in my area that work with wholesalers.  I have called several today and all of the attorneys seem to be in meetings or unavailable.  Is there anyone who has experience in my area that would not mind pointing me in the right direction of a good title company that can meet my needs?

Call Claire Hurlburt at Saddlecreek Title 901-753-1600  tel her I sent you. 

They do all of our closings and their pricing is better then anyone els'es we have used. 

@Dewarren Sanders   Best Prices I have found in Memphis are with this company below...

Linda Boyd/Tawanda Hardy/Closers

Fearnley, Martin & McDonald, PLLC

6389 Quail Hollow Road, Ste 202

Memphis, TN 38120

Phone 901-767-6200

Fax 901-682-8345

@Derrick Craig

You should call Saddlecreek Title,  when you buy the home the closing cost is very low for you, then when you sell the home using them to sell they dont charge you and closing cost.  No one else is beating this pricing!!!

Let me know how it goes. 

@Dewarren Sanders    Doug Beaty at Delta Title Phone (901)680-0888 Fax (901) 680-9090 is excellent.

He does work for our clients in the USA and all over the world. Great, great attorney and title company.

Thanks for all of the leads guys.  Special thanks to @Curt Davis contacted Claire on yesterday and she got back to me today a was very sweet to me and answered all the questions I had for her about the process.  She also mentioned that you let her know that I may be contacting her.  Again thanks for the hookup Curt.

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