Can you buy a property that is scheduled for a tax auction?

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Hey everyone! I've been trying to find information online, but have yet to find anything. Is buying a property from the homeowner BEFORE the tax sale possible? The only information I've found online is purchasing at the sale itself. Thanks!

Hi @Michelle Robinson I'm not sure what the tax foreclosure laws are in Georgia but in Michigan most counties give you up until the day of the auction to retrieve the property by paying the taxes that are owed. So I want to say it's possible BUT you're still going to have to pay the taxes to avoid the auction. I would just be sure by calling the county treasurer.

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Potentially but you may have to deduct the amount in back taxes from the amount you offered to the seller since the taxes will have to be paid.

If you can structure the offer that meets YOUR investor requirements and covers any liens, expenses, attorney fees, etc., and the seller makes somethine off the deal that's a great win-win.  I say go for it!

@Michelle Robinson  You need to check the county law.  Georgia is a redeemable deed state, where even after the tax auction, you have a year before you can no longer repay the taxes (plus fees, penalties, and 20% interest).  It's best to get it sold before this added expense eats into your profits, but even after the tax sale, you can buy it and pay the taxes.

Best of luck!