Direct Mail First Call back,House Gutted

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Hello BP, I been on  the site for a few months studying and finally started acting a few weeks ago. While Driving for dollars I have found exactly 5 properties I felt like where leads. I wrote them all hand written letters about purchasing they property, I sent those letters off Wednesday afternoon got my first call back This morning at like 8a.m. This particular house has been vacant for 9 years because of fire, neighbors know everything lol the owner explained the same to Me as well. Crazy thing is the neighborhood held a charity event to help him fix the house around the same time it happened, Raised $19,000 for him. I never had these kind of neighbors before in my life good people, any way he started to rehab it couldn't finish he is a older gentlemen(62) the grass is almost 4ft tall he told me there is new raptors,electrical and plumbing.He just doesn't have the time and energy to continue and he is sorry that his neighbors has to see the house Like that(motivation) my main concern is and what I'm working on now is the NUMBERS. This is not a 100,000 dollars house, few site look ups has it varying between 50k-70k. I'm basically looking for help with my next steps even though I have a idea I would like more feedback to see what people with more experience then me think. Thank yo

depends it could cost you easily 50k to rehab a fire gutted house. this house probably has Zero value and will go for tax's

@Jay Hinrichs I going to look at the inside of the property hopefully tomorrow, Any advice on things I should pay close attention to? He has begun the rehab like lightly

when you look at the house it should be self evident if it was a burn out.

@Charles Jacobs  

Find out if all city/code permits have been pulled for the work that's being done on this fire gutted property it's not the usual someone steals the cooper out the home and plumbers going back in with PVC deal. The home was burned and some cities are tough on rehabbers.. You know they want a piece of the pie as well LOL!!

@Jay Hinrichs from looking in the window they first time I didn't see any burnt materials any where just chairs wood and tools from the last contractors I'm going to go look again for more of some insight. @ Derrick Craig thank you for that advice precaite it and everybody does like that Green pie

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