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Hello folks, and I wanted to get info about purchasing a Cash Buyers List. I'm a bit skeptical and here is the reason why. I read (don't remember where) that someone was looking to acquire buyers lists from anyone for payment of said information. I just thought it odd to be selling the info for one and then for 2 I don't want to end up buying a list non-active buyers and tire kickers.

If anyone can recommend a credible, proven site where I can get a good list to work with I'd really appreciate it.

Hey Jerald,

I'm a new investor myself in the Philadelphia area.

If I may, Give my advice.

I wouldn't purchase a buyer list for 2 reasons.

1. As you stated, I wouldn't be sure if the buyers listed are active or to say that they are even buyers. That's to risky and as a beginner, I don't have the time or money to waste. 

2. I would rather build rapport with my buyers. I want them to know who I am and for them to want my deals. After all I want them to be MY buyers. That's what BUILDING a buyers list is about about to me at the moment.

Keep in mind this is just my opinion.

Give me some feed back?

i would agree with @Erick Pough    

Market the **** out of your deal.  If it's a good deal you will find a buyer every time. It's all about the deal.  Don't waste money on buying a buyers list...you can try talking with other local wholesaleres and maybe you can work out a deal to buy or use their list. 


I agree with Erick.  

And my two cents is, if you have a deal and market it properly,  buyers will come. 

Definitely wouldn't buy a "cash buyer" list like @Erick Pough  and @Steven Velez  said.

You can have a realtor pull a list of recent cash sales if you really want a list otherwise if you have a good deal it will sell itself. 

Best of luck!

If the price is cheap enough I would buy all you can. Understanding the online world and people's psychology helps.

Firstly if you build a larger list and email it REGULARLY you will over time start to get through more spam filters and build credibility. So it is good for your business.

Secondly if you start emailing people regularly you have an initial rush of complaints sometimes but the vast majority of people start reading your emails and eventually can;t remember how they started receiving your emails but you will be the person they go to or refer to if they are ready to buy property.

So look at a buyers list as a cold email list not a hot quick way to sell a bunch of houses and it will work well for you.

My list at it;s peak was 162,000. I have whittled it down to just over 100,000 now and I get referral business and new enquiries from people who have never responded prior but have received my emails every week for 2 to 10 years.

Just read the sticky topics at the top of the BP Wholesaling forum and you will learn how to do it.  "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."  Hope you get the idea, because you will find you have to build on an ongoing basis as you grow ...

Theres a lot of good info here! Here's how a strong buyers list should be

1. You NEED a handful of VIP buyers. These are the guys and gals you can call up moments after putting a contract on a property. They are the people you stay in touch with, go out to lunch or dinner with, send Christmas cards to, go golfing with, etc... They are the ones who will buy up the vast majority of your deals (if they are good deals of course). 

2. Next you have the main body of your buyers list. These are generally less active investors who might buy a few properties each year. You NEED a lot of these people (hundreds or even better, thousands). You can find them through social media or online advertising and get them added to your buyers list. These should be the people who will buy up what your VIP buyers don't. 

Now if you choose to purchase a buyers list online I wouldn't expect to get great results. You need to be out networking with local investors! Don't sell yourself short and try to buy your way into wholesaling (sorry if that sounds harsh). Be excited, motivated, and passionate about what you do! If people see you as being someone who's out to make a quick buck then I'm afriad you'll have a long hard road. Hope this helps! Best of luck!


@Jerald Alford  

Go to 3 different REIA clubs talk to all the rehabbers they are cash buyers find out where they are looking what they pay build a list. Talk to some people with paper nametags that are rehabbers they are new and tend to pay more to get in the game, Finally talk to all the other wholesalers they also have buyers lists.


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