wholesaling in Arizona??

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I just want some input on wholesalers in AZ...

Is there still money to be made in wholesaling?? I've been driving around locally (driving for dollars) and it does not seem that there is much FSBO's...or is it just the neighborhood that i'm looking at?

I REALLY want to get some kind of deal going on but am nervous, prob like any new investor. 

I just started working on my marketing campaign so i should start getting my letters out here soon.

any help would be appreciated from local AZ investors...or even investors in general that wholesale in AZ

Hi Walter,

While I obviously can't speak for Arizona as I am in Washington state, I think you're always good to find that the best deals are rarely, if ever broadcast to the world. You'll have to do a little bit of digging and find a means to get information before others.

Perhaps most importantly though is that you will have to give it little bit of time and you will have to be patient. Even if after sending out 1000 letters you don't get a single reply don't give up. I know of one wholesaler in particular who is exceedingly successful simply because he never stops trying.In fact, he'll send out letters to the same addresses two, three, or six months in a row and he said that each month his return increases. Probably because people like to see some level of consistency.

@Patrick Britton

 Thank you for your input! the more I read it looks like the better yellowletter.com is sounding! Just a tad pricey but could deff be worth it if you start getting calls in.. 

any other investors in AZ want to chime in?

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