Title company for a double close....

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I'm just gonna get straight to the point. If everything goes well, I should have a property under contract in Milton, FL by this time Friday. I DESPERATELY need help finding a title company that can perform a double close. It's fine if the title company isn't located exactly in Milton. Since Pensacola is around 25 miles away that would be awesome if someone referred me to a company there.

ANY help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys!!

I hope you are not trying to use end buyers fund to close A to B transaction most title companies will not do that because they need to disclose everything.

Joe Gore

No. Of course not.

I have private lenders for the transactional funding. Problem is I can't find a title company to do the double close. That's what I'm searching for. Any help?

Title co.s shouldn't have a problem with a double close, if you've got the funds for the initial transaction, And you are explaining it correctly.  

Darren, all First International Title on Bayou Blvd.  Teri Kitchen is who I would say call but she's out until Monday.  Any of their title agents who answers will try to help.  Tell them I sent you so they'll let me eat more peppermints at my next closing.  Good luck.  

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