Wholesaling with out of state owner

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Hello everyone!!!! I dont have words to say how great this website is and how much I learn every time I come back, thank you all of you for helping each others out.

Today I have a question:

Can I wholesale a property with out of state owner?, if yes how is it possible?

Thank you very much in advance and have a great day everyone.

I just closed on a property that I wholesaler from FL with the seller in Washington state.  Talk about the other side of the country huh.  Your title company or closing attorney will fedex them the papers and the seller will have to sign in front of a notary then the docs get sent back and then you close the deal.  Bada bing u get paid!

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@Janie Suarez  Just make sure you have an investor friendly title company.  Some title companies require the participants to be there to sign.  More and more are doing remote closes (which are the best), better be safe and check though.