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My pipeline of lead seems to have all but closed. Not getting call, bandits signs going missing, adwors campaign is only pulling leads from out of state, not locally. In a small city of 57000 people, nobody need to sell or by a house around her? Is wholesaling dieing out or what? I'm beyond annoyed

Few questions. I see in your profile you've only really been at this a month or two. Have you used other kinds of marketing besides Adwords and bandit signs? If so, what? Have you tried direct mail? Door hangers? Is it possible to expand your market? Maybe do some marketing in Wilson? Or even stretch as far as Raleigh? (I know it's quite a drive but there's sure to be a good market there). Maybe hit up some of the good wholesalers here on BP and get some ideas from them. I know marketing is a long-term game. You have to expect some dry periods. Take those times to maybe change up your method and/or target market criteria. Just keep at it until something happens. You can do it!

@Chris Purvis  I have worked a bit in smaller towns. What I found is it takes long and is more relational. For example, most agents know someone who has the cash sitting around to take down a deal so they get the call directly rather then your wholesale marketing. You need to be around long enough to be known then people will call you. Sorry it's not a quick solution. People in small towns are used to dealing with people they know or people who know people they know. People in big cities have had to do business with someone they didn't know and most times it turns out ok so that gives them the green light to do it again. People in big cities have no problem dealing with people they have never met because that's who they have to deal with on a regular basis. Small towns not so much. Keep plugging away.

Thanks @Jim Viens  and @Bill S.   I just thought about wilson just before I returned to me computer. Might drive there today and see what I can find.  In the past 2 weeks bandit signs have been popping up in town. I want to differentiate myself from them though.

My marketing for buyers and sellers started online with craigslist and backpage. I post or renew with craigslist almost daily. I haven't gotten any response from backpage so I haven't posted there much. Only put out a few handwritten bandit signs as my marketing budget is limited right now. Just started the adwords campaign early last week. Got 1 lead from South Carolina and the other 2 came out of canada. Don't have the money for direct mail yet. But I do plan to take action on some more free marketing strategies. And of course I been driving for dollars from the start.

I have found Craig's List to be useless in small communities. I worked that angle for about 6 months and got a few leads from out of town sellers that wanted market or above but nothing I could sink my teeth into.

@Chris Purvis,

Try a classified ad in the good 'ole newspaper. We get some more deals from the old school newspaper than from Craigslist. Cost is Charleston is about $250 a month. Great ROI. The older crowd owns many of the rental properties in town and liquidates when they reach a certain age (the people, not the properties). We have bought several run-down rental properties in good neighborhoods, fixed & flipped them and made good profits. These came from older people who read the newspaper everyday and are ready to cash out. BTW, my mother grew up on Tillery St in Rocky Mount, little house on the corner by the old high school. Marketing takes time. You gotta keep stroking!

If you have a friendly attitude, which you need to have in this business, you can also try knocking on doors. This is not for everyone. Not everyone has the thick skin for rejection. But if you present yourself the right way, you may find people that are looking to sell. Or they might know someone looking to sell. It's free, and all you have to do is get out there and pound the pavement. Again, it's not easy. But I'm willing to bet that no one is doing that in your town.

Hi Chris.

You might want to listen to BP Podcast #45 with Tom Sylvester. Tom is investing in the Rochester, NY, which is pretty small and I am certain that he could share some insights with you about how to develop your business in a smaller community.


@Russ Scheider  small world. How far are you from Graniteville aiken SC, that's where one of my adword leads came from. @Aristotle Kumpis  and @Stephen Fryer  for your input. Good thing I still have a full time job or I would be in a bad way right now.

Hello again everyone. I back to inform your that I received a call today about a house for sale. I'll tell you all about it in a new post. I have questions.

Hey Chris,

I've done some wholesaling in North Carolina.  More specifically in the Raleigh area (Wake county).  I'm familiar with Rocky Mount.  You will definitely have to expand your area.   Touch base with me so I can help you..........Roland

[email protected]

thanks Roland, will do

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