Getting Over the Fear of Starting! Fayetteville, NC

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Hi BP Crew!

Last weekend was the start of my days as a Wholesaler! I decided it was time to STOP READING and TAKE ACTION. So I jumped in my car and started driving my target area. After 2hrs of driving around and people looking a me like I was a creepy crazy person, I wrote down about 20 different addresses. At some of the properties and knocked on the house next door and talked with the occupants, figured out they are good sources of information. I know this is just the beginning, but I am going to work to get at least two deals knocked out before the end of the month!

So I just want to encourage the other newbies, treat this thing like Nike and JUST DO IT!

Thats awesome Michael ! One of these sunny days I will have to get up and do the same thing. What did you say to people when they opened the door? did you have certain questions to help you get as much information as possible ? how long have you been interested in real estate investing?

Keep at it

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@Taylor I just started a conversation, then asked about the area. Then asked if they knew anything about the prperty, one guy told me the house belonged to a marries couple but the husband died....