1st House Under Contract

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     OK, this might sound like a very basic question to a lot of people, but I have to make myself ask, just to be sure.  

    I got my 1st property under contract a couple days ago.  I've been marketing it and have a few people interested, including a couple competing cash offers.  My question now is, " Do I just take the contract, assignment agreement and both the buyer and seller to the title company?  I know that it all has to be processed, I'm just not exactly sure how to proceed properly.  

     All advice is appreciated.  --  Thanks  --

Hey @James Stevens hope everything is well!

First off, congrats on your first contract. I'm a newbie as well but I believe I have learned enough to answer your question. You should take the contract and the assignment and anything else the title company needs in order to process it and they should let you know what day and time you're going to have your closing meetings with both the buyer and seller.

I BELIEVE that's how it's done, but don't quote me on this. Good luck!

congratulations! @James Stevens  

What I like about this place is that you really can ask just about everything without having to feel silly. Even if you don't get an answer you almost always get pointed to where it can be found.

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