found a vacant house - can't find address...

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i've found a few properties in my area that are clearly abandoned.  i can't find mail boxes or an address or anything.  

any ideas on getting it?  


Patrick Britton, Real Estate Agent in WA (#120557)


I would recommend calling the county tax office.  They can usually look up addresses for each tax parcel.

Hope this helps.


@Patrick Britton  most cities and counties have vastly improved their GIS sites in the past few years. Just Google "your county GIS" and that should point you in the right direction. Usually they will include an aerial overlay so you can be sure you are looking at the right property.

Originally posted by @Michael Q.:

A tax map... I use a FREE service that supplies them for almost the entire Country. As well as comparable sales and property profiles

 So if I may, what FREE service do you use?  


One simple method we us is to "pin" it on the google maps app on our phone. The app is amazingly accurate and simple. It even shows the lot lines and the outline of the house. Even if you are not in the area but know it is "the third house from the corner", for example, you can go to the app, put in the cross streets and locate it that way. Try this and see if it works. 

Good luck!


The addresses of the adjacent houses should establish a pattern that make this address fairly obvious, even if your county doesn't have a good online GIS system.

what i tried and found successful was getting the closest address I could (a neighbor's) and then using FASTweb.  while not free it comes with my job and provides a fair bit of information, including mailing address of owner.  

Patrick Britton, Real Estate Agent in WA (#120557)

At first I was going to suggest using google maps to find the address, but after reading the comments in a lifehacker article I found this not to be accurate. Here is how to find an address using

Click on the "Buy" link in the upper left area on the home page.

Drag the map to the location of the house and then left click on the desired house.

You will then see the address.

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