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Hi Guys, i have leads coming in but out of my area but in the same state. It is too far for me to go check the properties. How can i refer or wholesale the leads ? Please help !

I've heard about virtual wholesaling but am far from an expert on it.  co-wholesaling is often done here in WA state. 

may I ask how you got the leads?  I love to hear success stories.


From my websites but they are out of my area. Michigan is huge !

@Guillaume Derouet  My suggestion is to assess over the phone the motivation of said person. Before you spend time going out there do as much research as you can and find the price you need the property at to make it a deal. Be very conservative and explain to your seller that you don't know the area, you're an investor and need to make a profit. Make a verbal offer and your seller may not even be interested at your price in which case you don't need to waste your time. If they are at least playing in your ball park (price wise) move forward with more research, finding buyers in the area, etc.

Generally, these types of leads for me turn to nothing because I am indeed offering very low - lower than normal because I don't know the area and I have to be extra conservative. If you explain it that way they usually are understanding.

Good luck

Hey Guillume, It's Alvin from the Ann Arbor REIA. Give me a call.

Find a buyer in the area and see what number they would put on it.

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