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Good day,
I have been actively posting bandit signs to bring in most of my motivated sellers. However, with the competition popping up in my market (Cincinnati ohio/northern ky). I need to add to my marketing strategy to find more sellers.

Can anyone recommend the best form of mailing campaign marketing?
Should I use yellow letters or postcards?
Should I market to specific areas (zip codes), absentee owners, attorneys or what?
What is working for some of you?

Also, are you using companies to do the work, or are you sending the mailings out by hand?

Are you using a list source to get leads, or are you using the MLS?

Thank you for your assistance.

Start picking campaigns and adjust accordingly. I haven't done enough testing but markets will respond differently to different marketing. I, for one, prefer postcards as opposed to letters because the leads I get are generally more motivated. Letters bring in tire kickers.

I'm sending the mailings out by hand so I can write my systems for them and its cheaper right now. That is possibly a lie on my part because my time is valuable.

I do use list source for absentee owners. Hasn't been too fruitful. Much of my leads right now are coming from probate notices in the classifieds.

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