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For absentee owners lists obtained from Listsource, there are properties that have different addresses that are right next door to the property owner mailing address. How are you guys cleaning this up quickly in Excel with out going cell by cell? Don't want to mail to a property owner mailing address with the targeted property (parcel lot in most cases)  right next door. Would, at least, want property owner to live a block away from targeted property. Thanks

Send them to me if you need help.

In the big picture it's not that big of a deal, I just mail them all.

I am about to purchase a list of absentee owners from listsource and have 2 questions. 

1) For the option that reads (Remove duplicate property mailing addresses) What does that mean? Seems obvious to remove ones you would be spending money on for no reason?

2) Are the mailing addresses that your getting to the owners place of residence? Or to the house that he owns absentee.. If it would be vacant then no one would be getting the letters. So I wanted to make sure it was getting to the actual owner. 

Sorry if these are newbie questions. Gotta start somewhere. Thanks in advance for the responses! 

@Parker Stiles  

Pretty sure the answer to #2 is your mailing to the forwarding address of the owner on record as the property tax payer. So if I own the property as a rental, I have to tell the county where to send tax related mail, and that's the address you get in your list. 

As for question #1 - I can't clearly define it for you, but I can say that the pro's I've seen on BP all suggest to keep that setting. So when in Rome..

Good luck. 

Thanks terrance! I ended up removing duplicates this time but I will keep that in mind for the next go round.

Hi @Parker Stiles  ,

I'm looking to purchase an Absentee list off listsource also, but was unsure of those two question too. 

I see that you mentioned you purchase your list already. Let me know how things work out for you.

Best of luck!

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