when to contact a title company

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I was wondering when a good time to make contact with a title company would be.  I am new as a wholesaler and real estate in general.  I know that title companies if they're good can help you walk through the paperwork and transaction process step by step.  My question is should I meet with a company/lawyer before I have a deal so that I can learn a bit about the process and already have a company I'm connected with so when I do find my first deal I can just go straight to them or should I just wait till I have a deal or potential deal and then seek a title company.  And if the buyer already works with one should I just go with theirs ? any information on this is most welcome!!


Good question, I'd recommend touching base with fellow wholesalers in your area.  They can recommend a good title company.  It's a nice touch to contact them prior to you having a deal.  But by no means is it necessary.  Especially if someone from your investing network refers them to you............good luck 

Thanks so much for the help. I'm reading a lot of that about 80% of your first deal is simply finding a good deal then the rest come in motion.  Obviously it's not easy to find a good deal and I need to keep learning all throughout the process. 

Do you think I should have contracts written up tho before I start looking for deals, and then modify them if necessary? Or is that one as well where I should just hold off on that aspect and find a deal first ?

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