Can agents also be motivated sellers?

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Hi, I am still new to Real Estate Wholesaling and have learned alot of valuable things from everyone on the forum. I have been coming across alot of distressed properties that are listed with an agent. Can they also be motivated sellers?

In the old days when I had an insurance agency, I sold a life insurance policy to an insurance agent in another company, so yes, you can certainly do a deal with an owner/broker-agent.

Distressed properties have issues, just because an agent is involved doesn't mean they can solve the problem. I might quest you skill sets being new as to solving a problem a Realtor can't but it's possible, depends on you. :)

In general I think all Listing Agents are motivated for a property to sell because this is how they make money (commission on the sale). Unfortunately, the agent is not the property owner (and does not make the decision to accept or reject an offer) and their motivation is irrelevant to a large degree (unless they being shady with their seller). If the agent is listing their own property, sure they could be motivated sellers. We all could be motivated sellers depending on the events that occur in our lives. Another issue with listed properties is that a lot of other people (owner occupants, buy and hold investors, wholesalers, flippers, etc) will be exposed to this property (assuming it is in the MLS). Good Luck!


Yes, you definitely can find motivated seller deals that are listed with agents. The good news for you is that a lot of investors don't think so. However, I routinely get deals from motivated sellers off of the MLS............Roland

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