What should I do with this Vacant List?

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Hey BP.

So I have a list of 155 vacant properties that I found myself from "driving for dollars". I have already went to the city and got the home owners names for who owns them. Out of that 155 only 50 or so came back with updated addresses of where they moved to and currently live. I'm on a limited budget so I was thinking mailing to those 50 or so & that would fit my budget and cold calling the rest as well as leaving door notes saying I wanna buy their house. Any response and critique to my strategy would be awesome.
Thank you
-Felix Wisniewski

I like your idea of mailing to the good addresses.  I'd mail every month for 6 months until I heard from them. Notes on the doors of the others is also good. Try to talk with neighbors when you go to put the notes up.   Also Google each property/owner to see if you find current addresses, email, or phone numbers. 

I am also curious if they are too far into the pre-foreclosure and the bank has the property listed. I called the property owner (no answer) and haven't found the address on that one. Then I saw it listed and I didn't think they could list until conveyed back to the bank. I rechecked the county records and it is still in the homeowners name, not the bank. Not running through the normal foreclosure auction either. Even if it's a CFK I didn't think they could list until back in their name. 

Same thing here. Trying to keep in a budget and not wanting to send to bad addresses. 

a $50/month subscription to realtytrac.com provides forwarding Info for some of these properties and lender info. You can try it out for free for 7 days to see if I it's of any help for your particular case.

County Assessors office is online and gives tax mailing addresses for free.

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