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Hi im a new wholesaler in the Los Angeles area i have come in contact with properties i can get under contract, I've just been struggling with finding a buyer. How can i conquer this obstical?!

@Alan Gordon  

Welcome to BP!

Make sure the properties you can get under contract make sense, from a financial standpoint.  There needs to be sufficient profit to support both your wholesale fee and the investor buyer's returns.  Make sure, when doing your analysis you include the fixed costs (price to buy & then sell), holding costs and rehab estimates.  Buyers HATE when wholesalers present them with deals that haven't been analyzed correctly.

After all the analysis, if you have a good deal, you will have NO problem finding a buyer. 

Get involved with a local REIA. Find out who the active, "real" cash buyers are. Talk to them about what kinds of properties they are looking for. Get on the email distribution list for the REIA. Post the deal here, in the Marketplace. There are a ton of BP'ers from the LA area.

If it's a good deal, just get the property under contract.  you will have zero issues finding buyers.  They will come beating on your door!

@Alan Gordon  

@Hattie Dizmond  

I echo Hattie's suggestion. Post your properties or some numbers in the Marketplace. I will take a look and if interested I'll reach out to you. 

Good luck!

Wow Thank you @Hattie Dizmond   and @Phil Hong  for the information! That was powerful i will be sure to add these details to my guidelines. Should be able to apply this to search of buyers! Also its alright for me to just post in the market place? Im new, lol, learning as i go.

Thank you guys!

Hello @Alan Gordon  ! 

Welcome to Bigger Pockets. I'm quite new to real estate also, only been studying since June. I have connections to several investors who are looking to buy properties cash all over LA. Mostly off market properties. There are great REIA's and you could see when they have meetings on MEETUP.COM. That's how I first met my mentors.

Where are the properties that you're finding located in? I'm sure we can find a way to work together and benefit both our endeavors.

Best regards,

Manuel Angeles

(323) 205 4186
[email protected]

Hey man, i appreciate the advice @Account Closed !! I will most definitely have to look into the meetings, kind of starting too look for a mentor, so i can stop with all this trial and error lol. Im not to sure exactly if they are exactly deals or not, however i will email you my list as of now. Still struggling on how to measure a properties value, ARV and repair costs.

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