Looking to sharpen up my skills/ Mentorship?

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Im still very new. I have contacted a few properties but I am not 100% if my way is the way to go about it. Im looking to learn the professional way of how to market/ and go after deals to get under contract with an appropriate deal to give to a buyer. I would love to build rapport and strong relationships with anyone looking to mentor/ coach and of course there time is valuable and would to find a way that can compensate them for their time! hope to hear from you guys :)

Read as much as you can - then stop - and take action. Then, when you want to read more - stop - and continue action.

I've spent 2 years reading and it was only until recently that I've started to see the effects of my knowledge. I've now finished a flip and two wholesale deals. One deal I had completely fell through but I did learn a ton from it and through it I've gained what I hope to be a new mentor. Keep with the attitude of excelling. Do something, even if it doesn't feel productive at the moment, because when you look back and reflect you'll find the bits of knowledge you gained. 

Thank you for that @Steven J.   Ive recently been taking action. Maybe its time to do some more reading.

As the old saying goes knowledge is power but knowledge without action is useless information. When it comes to marketing there really isn't one full proof way to go about it but a direct mailing campaign and talking directly to your potential sellers has gained me the best results. Wholesaling is not easy by any means and the more you read and learn the more effective you will be as you learn to take more and more effective steps. The one reccomendation I can give you is to segment your area of interest for example choose an area in your town and learn it like the back of your hand once you learn the possible ARV's and what homes are being sold and bought for you will know how to make those numbers work in your favor. So keep at it and don't give up.

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