Looking for wholesalers in MIAMI/BROWARD

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I'm getting out of the air force and moving back to Miami in November....

I have been wholesaling in Pensacola for some time and I'm pretty sure the market in Miami is completely different.

I'm just wondering if bandit signs and newspaper ads are effective in Miami for finding sellers.......or are yellow letters better?

If any of you are willing to partner, let me know......my income will be cut in half once I get out and I need some deals!!!!!

Hey Brittaney, 

I wholesale in Miami and I can assure you that all of those methods work. 

Yellow letters will be more expensive than bandit signs and ads... so the question is which fits within you budget?

The key to each is consistency 

If your with either particular method than you will naturally you will get deals over time. 

Hi Brittaney,

I'm brand new to the game (Introduced to wholesaling 9/4 and been studying since non-stop).  I'll be wholesaling in Miami and my first marketing campaign (yellow letters to absentee owners) will be deployed Friday.  I also just went live with a quick and easy seller's squeeze page as well with some ads from google adwords.  Jumping right into action!

As far as buyers, I have a few that have signed up on my buyer's page but I'm actually waiting for the next DREIA meeting to introduce myself to REI crowd and hopefully receive some help and guidance.

I definitely agree with the concept of teaming up rather than competing so I'll definitely keep you updated on my progress and what works if you're interested. Feel free to message me directly if you'd like.

Hi @Brittaney Woods , please let me know if you have any wholesale deals available. Me and my partner are looking for distressed properties to flip in the Miami and Broward area.

Looking forward to hearing from you

@Luis Lopez -- congrats on getting started! What is your site? I'd like to register on your buyer page.

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