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I just want to get some advice from the experts here. I'm targeting SFR in montgomery county Texas. The area has experienced 10% appreciation a year for the last 2 years. I want to mail to absentee owners with at least 30% equity. On the sorting options, should I use:

all mortgage

-combined loan to value



- %equity


Also, what is the best way to filter people that have owned for more years?  And what is a good time frame to target? 10years ownership?  5 years?


-length of residence?  (does this work for absentee owners?)

- last market recording date

- last market sale date

I just want to make the most effective list as efficiently as possible.  I'll also be sorting it by neighborhoods and targeting specific ones.  Any other tips on filtering are appreciated.  We plan on mailing about 500 letters a month for 6 months.  My wife has committed to HAND writing them but i think we will switch to one of the services around here in a month or two when her fingers fall off!  We are looking to be the end buyer and have the immediate cash for one deal!  Hoping to find possible subject to and maybe reassign a deal or two.  

Jerry Puckett is your man, and he can hook you up with the "service", when you're ready to retire your wife's fingers!

Thanks Hattie.  Jerry gives some good advice around here.  Already thinking about out sourcing at least half the list to someone to test multiple messages. It would be good to have someone familiar with the aggressive Texas markets. We are still trying to figure out how generic our message will be. 

First things first make sure you have property type SFR selected. Then, you want to make sure you have only absentee owned selected. For equity, you can specify equity % which would be the most effective for what you are looking for. And finally, last market sale date would probably be your safest bet to weed out anyone that has purchased the property in the last x amount of years. I wouldn't worry about the mortgage tab at this point.

Other possible niches you may think about marketing to are properties that are absentee owned and have a notice of default. And a 3rd property type may be absentee owners that are free and clear. The possibilities are endless. Happy hunting!

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