Wholesalers is it a good idea to take a Contractor when seeing houses?

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I am trying to close a deal right now and the seller wants 10k more than my number.  I was thinking of hiring a contractor for $50 just so that I can have him help me get the actual cost of repairs on the house. Wholesalers do you think this is a great way to get the deal or should i got there by myself and try to negotiate?

Depends on if your contractor is okay with it. Most of them don't like doing that unless they are actually going to work on the house. $50.00 for most of them won't cover their gas/time. You want to make sure that you've got a good enough deal where you can actually close it. Some more specifics on the property and we could help you more. Like ARV, cost of repairs, and their asking price.

Another thing to keep in mind is the motivation of the seller.  Determine why the seller is stuck on his number.  Does he need a specific amount for travel, moving, buying another house etc.  Who knows!  The best way is simply to ask.  The answer can help you negotiate more effectively..........good luck

Great advise guys! I think I am just going to meet them by myself and base it on what I have learned here. 


If you can't do it, hire someone, but before I spent more money finding out I didn't have a deal, I'd come to agreement on a price.

Your agreement can be X dollars, less cost of repair of any single deficiency over $1,000 that will reduce the price to a bid by a reputable contractor agreeable to buyer and seller. Then do an inspection and if needed get bids. :)

As mentioned, understand why the` seller is stuck on a number, it is what it is and it's worth what someone will pay. Sometimes they just think a sucker will come along.

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