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Good afternoon fellow BP users,

 Im looking for any information, or recommendations on how I can find investor friendly title companies. Maybe any specific questions I can ask them, to help me see which one best fits my current goals. Any help is appreciated.  

Reach out to your local REIA. Ask the active investors there what strategies they focus on and who they use for their closings.

You can search for REIA's right here on BP or Google them...

Once you have narrowed it down, call and speak to a closing agent. Make sure they understand REI. Specifically, ask them about your chosen strategy(s). For instance, most every closing agent is going to be able to do traditional Buy & Hold closings. It's really no different than a typical residential closing. However, there are a lot of closers who don't understand double closings/double escrows, assignment of contracts and other nuisances.

You just want to ensure you don't have to educate the closing agent.  You want someone who can help lead the process.

@Hattie Dizmond  

Thank you , your response helped. I'll be sure to use it with my upcoming meetings with my local title companies.

For wholesaling the easiest way in my opinion is call some investors in your area and asked them what escrow company do you use. I find that's a easy way to find title companies or attorneys that's already doing closing for investors like yourself.

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This post has been removed.

I have an investor friendly title company located in Orlando FL that can close on any property in the state of Florida. I see you are not in Florida but if you have any questions about finding a good title company or what questions to ask let me know. Lots of companies say they are investor friendly just to get the business. Then you find out the hard way they are not.

@Ryan Kopczyk is there any reason you have not expanded your title company to a national level?  I am interested in getting my feet wet with foreclosures in NY, specifically Nassau and Suffolk counties in Long Island.  Something that is stopping me from pursuing foreclosures are the title risks.  I would love to be able to work with a title company to do a preliminary search for me before I go bidding on foreclosures.

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