Tax Delinquent Property - Data Aggregation

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Hi all!  I hope you are all doing well.  I have recently been looking into starting my direct mail efforts for acquiring my first property. was brought to my attention through a podcast that I was listening to recently, I checked that out and was very impressed with the results!  I haven't bought my first list yet but hope to very soon.

My question is in regards to tax delinquent properties though.  An alternative property data list website called that I came across during my research seems to be able to filter properties by whether or not they are delinquent on their taxes.  It seemed very strange that this was not a filtering option on  Am I missing some sort of filtering criteria?  Do you experienced marketers have any advice on whether filtering by tax delinquent homes is even that much more effective?  

I would just go ahead and use the agentpro247 website, but unfortunately they do not provide filtering for percent equity... which to me seems like a very critical aspect.  Thanks in advance for any of your comments!  

Great question.  I asked their customer service and got this response "yes we can provide taxdelinquent information for Washington county in Oregon."

I asked which tab that was under and have not heard back from two separate contact.  They seem resistant to answer questions over email and instead want to have a sales call.

@Michael Quarles seems to know the site quite well.  

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