Can anyone in Jacksonville, Fl suggest an investor friendly title company?

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I live in jacksonville and I am looking for a good title company to do business with, any suggestions?

Also if anyone knows any good general contractors that they use that would be appreciated also.

Hello Darvin,

I am an active investor in Jacksonville as well. Just had a closing this morning with a title company that I plan to shift much of my business to. "Title America". President is John Gullett II. Phone is 904-262-6400. Email [email protected]

Not sure what you mean by "investor friendly". I tend to do everything by the numbers but his guy impressed me and his rates were fair.

As for contractors, I am currently in construction on a project with Galaxy Builders. After interviewing 3 companies I chose them for this project and if all goes well I will also contract them on the project I closed on this morning. Still waiting to see how they handle all the minor details of the project and whether they nit-pick the billing. My contact at Galaxy is Ricky [email protected] President is Mike Sundberg. 

Took me days of interviewing and research to get to these guys so consider this your freebie. lol

First American Title is a huge national  company who work with almost every lender in the country.

I second Erik's recommendations...

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