New to Charlotte Investing Market

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Hello Folks,

My name is Glendon. I am Real Estate Investor recently move to Charlotte, NC from NYC. I hoping someone would provide me with a name or two of a investor friendly title attorney and also a investor friendly real estate agent. 

I am also looking to network and partner with other investors in the area. 


Welcome to Charlotte and BP. My husband and I moved here from NY 24 years ago and it was the best decision we ever made. Do you know what area of Charlotte you'd like to focus? Depending upon that I may be able to hook you up with an agent.

Hi Glendon,

Welcome to North Carolina.  I'm sure you will do very well.  I'll be happy to network/partner with you on some deals.  I'll touch base with you........Roland

Hi Glendon,

I can definitely connect you with a great agent very experienced in working with investors.  Send me your contact info and I will get you connected.


Hello Cindy! 

I appreciate your response. I love Charlotte it is a really great city. I haven't analyze my market yet. I am currently building my power team which will include an investor friendly realtor who would assist with comps. My focus will be the areas most attractive to cash buyers and investors. My email address is [email protected] and my phone 347-210-5974. 


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