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Does anyone Use AgentPro247? I'm trying to figure out when doing a search with absentee owners as one of the criteria is there somewhere that lists the absentee’s owner’s actual address, and not just the property address. I want to mail out my yellow post cards; however I'm trying to figure out the most efficient way to obtain the owners ACTUAL address to mail the cards. Thanks in advance for any help.

i know here when i look up the auditors website it will give the owners mailing address. might be a lot of work looking up person by person but it does give the mailing address. 

When using Agentpro247, the only way to retrieve the Abseentee Owner mailing address is to click the view records. Once you click view records the list will populate on the right. Then at the top of that list you click select records. This will prompt you to a pop up screen. This screen will allow to give the document a name. Once you complete that portion you click okay and then it will download the list into excel format. In the excel file you will find the Absentee Owner "Mailing Address"

Seth Williams explains using AgentPro247 the best!

Hopefully this helps!

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