How to get a list for direct mail?

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Hello everybody I am brand new and starting to wholesale in Mckinney Texas and the surrounding rural areas. I am currently having a web site built and some resources printed to used to meet clients. I am expect to be doing my marketing campaign in just a few weeks. I have been playing with listsource but I can not seem to figure out the best criteria to sort by. What have you had success with? what sorting criteria do you do? Thank you for your help. This web site has been a God send becuase honestly I have never branched off and tried to generate income away from a typical 9-5 job. I am absolutly terrified but I wont give up. I have made up my mind to succed even though I am shaking in my boots.

I was about to say listscource is one off the most common ways, but there are other sites out there if you don't like the pricing structure. Some people like specific areas and will compile their Penn, but that's a lot of work and you will likely be better off outsourcing list generation.

@Richard Johnson  contact Hattie, she can help you with local listings, more conducive to your search criteria. She has a program that can focus on Collin county specifically.

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@Richard D. Thank you! I have had the pleasure to speak to her before. I didn't realize she worked with list. I will get in touch with her.

I will be getting a list of inheritances from US Lead List. You can also compile your own lists. For instance, I have sent letters to a list of referrals and FSBOs that I have. I got the list of FSBOs from different online sites and referrals through individuals that know I do real estate and send me tips such as this landlord friend of mine wants out of his property, etc. Probably the FSBOs list is not a gold mine compared with other lists but I have had a couple of good leads from very motivated sellers who called after I sent them a letter.

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