wholesaling mobile homes??!!

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hi my name is Austin Richey. I work for a mobile home maintenance company and I was wondering have any of our mobile home investors out there ever wholesaled a manufactured home. If so please leave your experience and advice to a beginner wholesaler such as myself.

Thanks in advance,


Mobiles are a somewhat precious commodity right now in Texas anyway. The oil workers' need for accommodations in the field is significantly impacting prices here. If you can find mobiles to buy - selling wouldn't be a problem. A while back one of the BP Podcasts was regarding mobiles. I look forward to seeing the responses and learn what is happening with this segment in other markets.

Austin, I've wholesaled mobile homes before. It is definitely a different beast than normal houses or property (unless you are talking about a mobile home on land). Bottom line is, you can wholesale anything, get it cheap, mark it up a little (or a lot if you got a great deal), leave some meat on the bone for your end buyer, rinse repeat. 

IMO you should find a buyer who will buy your mobile homes, then find your motivated sellers and get a quote from your buyer so you know how much the market is actually paying for that product. In my area mobile homes go CHEAP. I think the last one I sold wholesale I bought it for like 3k and sold it for like 6k. 

Hope that helps.

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