Who am I looking for??? Motivated???

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Soooo I sent some letters for a marketing piece in the mail & got a few calls back. Some interested as I have been able to get a hold of some markets before their properties go live on MLS or FMLS. My problem is, my first caller stated that she didn't have a price in mind, I've referenced a few well known sites online to get an estimate & checked for a few comps for the property, her house being worth slightly more than the houses around her due to 14 acres of land with a 4 bdrm, 2.5 bathroom. She desires to get an appraisal of her property first which is understandable. But, based on her lack of knowledge on the home's value & the possible outcome that her awareness of her home's equity comes to light after the appraisal (possibly putting the home out of my buyer's purchase range) is the goal of wholesaling to do business with individuals who have less time & are more motivated than sitting on the house determining the value & possibly letting it go to MLS. Basically people who don't have an interest in the appraiser's statements as they have more urgency than that???

@Chris Bryant  , yes, best to look for some sort of distress (property or person) so that the person needs to sell (rather than wants to sell) and find a win-win solution for them and you/your end buyer.  

If she can wait for an appraisal, she probably just wants to sell and would be better served by talking with a realtor.

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