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I don't see any public list on my city or county website that have code violation homes.  Where else would I be able to obtain these list??   Fire damaged homes included!

Go to city hall and see a building inspector and ask if they have a list of code violation list

on residential houses.  Good luck with it!

Code violations are tricky.  Every muni does it differently.  There is no list in most of the counties I work in.  Most inspectors here would ignore such a request.  However, you can learn to identify where the properties become part of public record.  For example, in some munis code violations are part of city council or county supervisor meeting minutes.  You can also learn to identify which recorded docs indicate code violations.  A BP member once posted that she found an online list of violations weekly for her municipality.  

Another way is to work backwards.  Take a property that you know has a ton of issues and research it by looking at recorded docs that are against the owner's name, and/or if the city or county has any docs that cite the property or the owners.  Then you can use that doc type to research others.

Don't give up if you don't get the answer you are looking for when you go in.  It might take some perseverance.

In my area you simply contact the City Secretary of the city you are searching for code violations (found on the city government website). They handle all of the open records requests for the city and it is a simple process of sending an email request (or per instructions). The City Secretary will coordinate the request with the Code Enforcement group.  I usually get the list emailed back to me from the City Secretary in about 10 days or less. I understand your city may be totally different but I suggest you try looking up your City Secretary as starting point.

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