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I am building up the courage to move onto the executing phase of wholesaling. I was hoping someone can recommend a title company up in the North Shore area of Massachusetts that understands and works with Wholesale transactions? 



@William Vaquerano   Welcome.

There are usually RE Attorney's at our REIA meetings. How funky is this deal?

Try Meghan Grugnale. She works in both MA and NH. She will be speaking at the Black Diamond real estate meetup/REIA that meets in Waltham. Ann Bellamy is a member of Bigger Pockets and she is one of the organizers. Great event to learn something as well.

William, @Barton Wallace is right.  Meghan Grugnale and Brandy Schlesinger handle lots of wholesale deals, both back to back closings and the initial contracts for an investor when you are selling the contract.  Coincidently, Meghan will be speaking on exactly this topic at our next Waltham Black Diamond, url in my signature.  There is a link to Brandy on the Black Diamond website under "Resources". 

@Corey Besner , the meeting is 10/28.  If you join the Black Diamond mailing list on our website, you'll be notified of upcoming meetings.  Or, you could set up a keyword alert here.  

I know it sounds as if we promote Meghan because she sponsors Black Diamond, as we recommend her all the time.  She is knowledgeable, fast and responsive.  However, the reverse it true:  we have been recommending Meghan for a long time because she's good.  As a result, she started sponsoring Black Diamond because she was getting so many referrals from us.  We are grateful and her sponsorship is one of the reasons we are able to continue to keep Black Diamond free.  

Thank you for the quick responses!

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