Mock Housing Ads to Attract Buyers

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Posting ads of houses that you don't have on Craigslist or here on BiggerPockets as bait to capture buyers for your list. Is this practice ethical or unethical? Furthermore, does it work to secure a buyer for when you're ready for the real sell?

Sounds unethical to me

@Dick Rosen  it is done everyday though. Have you not heard of this practice?

Absolutely I've heard of it and those who do that usually aren't very successful at least in my market.

You'd be better off posting ads on CL and on BP just announcing yourself as a wholesaler looking for cash buyers. The real buyers will contact you.

Cool. Sounds like a plan. Hopefully that works well. I truly would like to be as honest as possible to have a great long term business. Thanks of the advice @Dick Rosen  

Originally posted by @Shante Harris:

@Dick Rosen  it is done everyday though. Have you not heard of this practice?

 It's done everyday but if I came across a wholesaler that was posting fakes ads why in the world would I do business with that person?  Most real estate investors are pretty savvy and can easily catch your lies so I wouldn't suggest starting off by lying because in the end it's going to hurt you more than help. 

Duly noted @Patrick L.  no use starting off on the wrong foot. Thanks so much.

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