Newbies BEWARE!!

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A Bit Of Encouragement For Newbie Wholesalers

Hey guys. So, it has come to my attention that there are some folks out there who do not think that some newbies are performing their duties ethically. They believe that these newbies are hurting people in order to get deals and using this business venture as some sort of "get rick quick" scheme. While this may be true for some, this is not the case for others however we are all (being a newbie myself) being labeled as such.

This forum is not all peaches and cream. Yeah, you will have some folks that will help you, answer your questions, and connect with you as a colleague. But there is more to this site then meets the eye. As with any business, you have to develop a thick skin, to ward off any bad vibes or negativity that may come your way. I have another business out side of this one and it took me a long time realize that not everyone was my friend no matter how nice I was to them. Any industry where you are going at it alone will chew you up and spit you out like bad lunchmeat. That doesn't mean you should give up. If you are passionate about something, you have to keep going. Respect will be given because they will have no choice but to give it to you, when you prove that you are not just some "fly by night" business owner.

Granted, there are a few bad apples of the bunch out there spoiling it up for the rest of us true business owners who desire to start long lasting thriving careers of this. However, when someone puts you in that category, it would be best to brush it off and let work ethic speak for itself. You won't be able to please everyone, nor should you try. No matter how nice you think you are being it is never enough for some people who have already labeled you as beneath them. And, if you are in any way, "attacked" on this forum by some "vets" who figure you are mudding up the real estate industry, simply step over them and keep moving. There is no reason why you should be put down, discouraged, or casted out simply because you chose to go at this profession through one avenue over another. 

No one is perfect. But if you know that you are trying to create a great business then don't let anything or anyone hold you back. Life is too short to sing your should've, could've, would'ves and their opinions are just that...OPINIONS. 

They don't know you, cannot judge you, and do not know your background. Keep your head up newbies. They were once new at some point in time and maybe someone thought they were insignificant just as they think of us. Your work ethic will speak volume. Go Get 'Em!

Wow! Keep speaking out! You are correct and ignore the bad apples. Just keep

doing your thing and you will succeed beyond your dreams!

@Shante Harris  I really like the encouragement and motivation. Keep on crushing it!!


Bahahahaha well said girl. Like I told you before in a post you just keep on keepin on and make it happen. I started wholesaling in July and have since closed on 4 deals and I have made almost a 3rd my annual income of selling cars, and I make really good money selling cars. Some will help you and some will hate you. Some will encourage you to success and some will tell you you can't do it. You just make it happen and prove your success girl. 


Sometimes the answers given are not what we want to hear, even when they are what we need to hear.  Sometimes they are a little more straightforward and blunt than they need to be. Sometimes they are harsher than would seem to be appropriate. I will say that the posts you are referring to were totally on target IN GENERAL and that there is a perception that wholesaling can be done easily, with no knowledge, no experience and no money. And that is so far from the truth.

@Walt Payne   I, too, read those posts and while there are some good points in them and they were generally true, due to their placement in the particular thread they were in it would lead one to believe the comments were directed at the OP. This is where the commenters went off the tracks. It may have been a generic rant about bottom-feeding types of wholesellers but with them being placed in the comment thread of another person's post it came across as a personal attack. This is not a good way to treat people or a good way to operate in a forum like this. I believe THAT is where the backlash is coming from.

@Jim Viens I agree totally, and in a later post he stated that, but the impression was set. I understand the reaction totally. Valid post, wrong place.

I admire what you're doing...stay focused.  Thick skin is the only way to move in my opinion.  I've asked for help and had older investors comment more on their disliked for my profile picture.  I look at it for what its worth...old investors are just that "old investors" Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish.  I wish you wealth @Shante Harris 

Since I am new and learning this site and reading everything I can get my eyes on, stumbled into this post. So as another newbie to all of this, guess I'm going to have to learn to duck at some point. This was a great post to come into though @Shante Harris  because it is a harsh truth and will come into play in anything we try to do to become successful. I'm too new and don't know what sparked this so therefore not speaking to it per se. I'm just speaking from the fact that what you posted are words of great encouragement. Whatever it was, should just become a stepping stone! Keep your head up but know when to duck.

Very well said!  A thick skin is def something that is needed to pick out bad aples, and trial and error will do just that.

The only one that can prove the naysayers or unbelievers right or wrong is YOU!

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