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Hello all!

I am interested in successes of those who have been able to perform wholesale transactions in Oklahoma successfully...semi-virtually. 

The industry I work in only allows me to be home sporadically throughout the year. I have a set 2 week on 2 week off schedule but this doesn't always work out. I'm currently marketing for wholesale deals in and around the OKC area, but I am taking the approach of doing everything virtually because I never know when I am actually going to be in the city.

So, is this being done by anyone else in Oklahoma? Are you successfully completing deals while you are away? Are there recommendations of a title company in OKC that will accommodate this sort of absenteeism? 

My biggest fear I suppose is I have a very willing seller, have someone who can check out the property so I can assess the value, I make an offer and then...I'm stuck... away from the area, not able to get a signed A & B contract, list the property for buyers, and complete the B & C contract in timely fashion. 

Please feel free to respond to this post, message me, network, etc. I am not opposed to partnering in deals to make this REI goal of myself and my family a success. Thanks for your input.

sounds like you need a partner to me.

@Cameron Chesney  

Your particular situation probably lends itself better to Assignment of Contract, rather than a double closing.  With an Assignment, you wouldn't have to be at a closing at all.  The Assignment Contract between you and the end buyer could be executed via Docusign or Echosign, or some other e-signing process.

Thank you Hattie, and I will definitely check out the software mentioned.

If I was in the OKC area I'd help you out, I'm in Tulsa though so that's not very feasible. I wholeheartedly agree with Hattie, assigning contracts is probably going to be the best way for you to proceed. 

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