How to get information on a vacant property

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Hello everyone

I'm a wholesaler in the Georgia real estate market. Although I have done a few deals with absentee owners and they have been successful, the property owners have contacted me on most of my deals. However, I hear a lot of people on the different wholesaling forums talk about driving for dollars. So I went ahead last weekend and drove around the area where I live looking for vacant properties or at least properties that look vacant. I found a few, and after checking the county records the properties look like they are owned by the individuals. However, through my experience I've come to expect the public records not to be 100% reliable. I would like to know if the properties are bank owned or not, so that I don't waist my time and marketing efforts on a bank owned property. Is there a reliable way to go about doing this? Thank you all in advance.

@Sol Pinto  

Check out this thread. I asked the same question before. Hope this helps.

We do this very successfully in CA.

Your title insurance agent can pull title for you (for free) or many will just give you an account on their database so you can run your own title searches.

Title will often be able to give you alternative mailing addresses to mail, call, or door knock.

We also subscribe to a skip trace service that helps us locate Sellers.

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