Best skip trace service?

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Anyone have pretty good success with a Skip Trace service? I recently tried Unlimited Skip Trace which is powered by I wasn't pleased at all with it. It's a product that came with the iFlip program (Cameron Dunlap). It gave me the same outdated information that I found when I Googled vacant home owners.

I have a list of about 30 vacant homes here in Memphis. I just drive and look for vacant homes. I'm having a hard time getting in contact with the home owners. Everything I find is old landline phone numbers and no recent addresses for the most part. Most people have cell phones nowadays. But those numbers are hard to come by. 

@DeMarris Manns  Hey did you ever find a good company for a reasonable subscription?  I am dealing with this same issue.  I am finding great leads when driving for dollars and the neighbors are usually helpful however I seem to always be a step behind when getting the owners most recent numbers.  I'm finding it rare to get someone with a land line much anymore.  Thanks

I use and love it. The trick is that you have to be willing to make phone calls or spend money on mailers. They provide all kinds of information and some of it is great and some of it is not. I attended Cam's live event and he went thru using his skip trace report. If you tried the summary contact info and couldn't reach the seller, it's time to move on to the family. If you call/mail them and don't get an answer, move on to the "associates". These are co-workers, friends, etc. And if you still run into a dead end, then try the neighbors. It's all in the comprehensive skip trace.

I am blown away by how much information is in these reports. Also, they lowered their price down to $5 per comprehensive skip trace if you are a member of By the way, i don't order many skip traces because UST has alot of good info.

Don't mean to hijack your post.

Try putting a FOR SALE sign with your number on it in the front lawn.

This has worked for me in the past. Plus it keeps you from having to go

door to door as there are some neighborhoods that I'm just not going to

get out of my car in.

The only draw back is be ready to get a pissed off caller on the phone. Not

always but it happens. If you can't handle confrontation then don't do this.

It's not for the faint of heart but it does work.

Hope this helps. is a lead generation system primarily and has a high dollar subscription. If inside you pay further for skip traces that's a deal I'll pass on. I just want a skip trace, I don't need an entire background check like most of the tracer sites do. Keep posting up BP'ers because we're not done here yet!

We've had Microbilt for almost a year now. We have not had much success with getting valid numbers (and numbers different from free sites) out of it. We stuck around to see if their system upgrades would produce better results, but that didn't help the hit rate. 

By the way, the Premium Skip Trace service from has always produced great results for us. The Premium report gives all phone numbers, relatives, neighbors, associates along with their addresses and phone numbers as well. We've had about a 95% success rate with FindTheSeller's Premium Skip Trace reports. They're $9.95 each with a 24-hour turnaround time.

UnlimitedSkipTrace is not the same as the Premium Skip Trace--it seems that it's their barebones service. 

Hi DeMarris!

I recommend It's very inexpensive and has a tremendous amount of data. Also available as an app. We get through to the majority of homeowners on our driving for dollars list. Let me know if you'd like some help.