Dear rookie wholesalers, Here's some advice from someone who has been doing it.

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The radio ads and facebook ads have told me that the real estate guru's are rolling through my town selling their $15,000 classes.  How else do I know this?  I have had about 10 rookies call me this week to ask me if they could put me on their buyers list.  Every time I get this phone call I laugh.  Do you know why?  Because I KNOW you don't know what you're doing.  Granted, you need to crawl before you walk, but let me help you with one major thing the gurus don't tell you.   I DON'T WANT TO BE ON YOUR BUYERS LIST UNLESS YOU HAVE DEALS!  The gurus tell you that you need a buyers list to market your deals to.  This is putting the cart before the horse.  FIND THE DEALS AND YOUR BUYERS LIST WILL MATERIALIZE.  Also, if you are reading from a script (and you tell me that you're reading from a script - like the lady I just got off the phone with) I assume you are an idiot.  You may not be an idiot, but if you don't learn how to read your script like you're saying it naturally, you will sound like one.  I'm not trying to be a jerk.  I'm offering you constructive criticism.  Please don't think I'm being cynical in this post.  I was once where you are, but you know what?  No one could EVER tell I was reading from a script because I practiced it before I ever picked up the phone.  I also did NOT build my buyers list until I had deal flow.  In summary:  Get the deals first.  Everything else will happen from there as long as you work for it.  This business is not as easy as they make it sound when they are trying to put your money in their pocket.  If you have 15K to blow, call me.  I'll be happy to take it from you.  

Also, let me add that if you have a great deal flow, you may only need one buyer with deep pockets.  If you're finding deals, people will beat a path to your door.    

Its funny

My first deal I did almost 10 years ago.   I made 20k I that deal in Montclair California.   I did it the way you said it.  If you find the deal, the buyers will find you.  From those who did not pull the trigger and buy the property, i still kept their contact info and built if from there.  

This post is on point!

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