When you don't know you ask!

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hello so I need help!  I'm in Jacksonville Fl . I'm trying to find out what investors are willing to pay for a property in a certain area.  What is the best way to find this information out? The property is located in the 32209 zip.Please help. 

32209 is not a good neighborhood.   Depending on condition of course, but if it needs a full rehab you are gonna have to get it for around $7K.


@JC Gauthier  Thank you. Yes it is a full rehab, it has not been occupied in 10years. The seller states he just wants the land value which is 9,000. It's also a concrete block home.

I was gonna state in my previous message that it would be for a wood frame house, so $9K for a CB should be good. 


Agree with @JC Gauthier. As long as the condition of the place is good, investors might consider your offer. And as long as your relinquished properties and your like-kind replacement properties are qualified use properties as described above any kind of real estate will be considered to be like-kind to any other kind of real estate.

I did some research about it and here are the following list of real property asset classes represents interests in real property that usually qualify as like-kind property.

  • Single Family Residential Property
  • Multi-Family Property (Apartments)
  • Commercial Office Properties
  • Retail Shopping Properties
  • Industrial Warehouse Properties
  • Triple Net Lease (Net Lease or NNN) Investment Properties
  • Agricultural (Farm) Properties
  • Vacant Undeveloped Land
  • Oil & Gas Interests
  • Mineral Rights
  • Water Rights
  • Air Rights
  • Easements in perpetuity
  • Leases with a remaining life, including options, of 30 years or more
  • Tenant-In-Common "TIC" Investment Property Interests
  • Delaware Statutory Trusts "DSTs" Investment Property Interests
  • Vacation rental properties (income producing)

The seller states that the roof has caved in in the back and it's in bad condition.