New to Wholesaling not new to BP. Atlanta Market

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I am a tax professional here in Atlanta. I am interested in connecting with others in the industry who have actually gotten out and found homes and closed deals. I've met a lot of people who have proven themselves to be full of fluff and air. If your time permits I would like to treat you to coffee lunch or whatever you prefer to network. Hope to hear from you soon.

G. Trent

I hope people reach out!  I would to hear what you learn!  I'm interested in the ATL market as well, and it's pretty darn difficult for an out-of-state investor like myself :(

Welcome to Biggerpockets!

This is an awesome place to meet fellow investors. Feel free to reach out and connect with others. I have had many people invite me out to coffee and I have done the same. This site like real life does best when you form relationships and participate. There are ALWAY tax type questions on the blog. So get involved answer questions. Once you start building a relationship many more people who are "successful" would probably be more willing to speak with you. There was actually a thread on this website recently. As many people that have disappointed you the same or more have happened to other successful people on here. So they are also gun shy :)

Another great place is to look around the blogs, forums and listen to the podcasts. If you see a post you enjoy check out the persons signature. Many of us including myself talk about our strategies, styles, niches and business model on our website. So definitely check that out as it is an amazing additional resource. For example, my blog is about while working full time, buy and hold investing, 0% Down Rentals, Personal Properties turned rentals, Long distancing investing, self-managing 3,000+ miles away. Definitely list your blog or website in your signature, if you have one. Its a great additional networking source.

Look forward to seeing you around! Let me know if I can help!

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