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J. Scott Hynson

Have you thought about a direct mail campaign or bandit signs?

@J. Scott Hinson,

Get to know the leaders within Have you determined your niche/strategy(ies) that you've determined to pursue? It will be much easier for others to work with you when they are crystal clear as to what you wish to achieve. Indecision is always trouble out of the gate; be aware and focused on your goals and you'll get a great start. All the best!

Originally posted by @Account Closed :

Have an LLC, got yard signs made, got car magnets, got t-shirts, several websites and squeeze pages, have facebook for business, and youtube for business, and just everything in place, but I have no leads.....I need help with what I do next.

Try this:

- Put the yards signs out in lots of yards where sellers will see them

- Drive the car around with the magnet on it in places where sellers hang out

- Get lots of people to wear the t-shirts in places where sellers will see them

- Drive lots of seller traffic to the websites and squeeze pages

- Get lots of sellers to your FB and YouTube pages

Setting things up doesn't generate leads.  Working hard to drive traffic, eye balls, interest and phone calls is what generates the leads.  You've done the easy part, but to get the leads, you now have to do the hard part.

Facebook is a fantastic tool for lead generation -- you have to work it, though.  You can't just make a page and "go."  You have to post relevant information and drive people to the site. 

For the squeeze page you need a Google Adwords account and to have ads and key words set up to drive traffic to your web page.   If you you are not experienced or do not know what you are doing then you should seek a professional,  to set this up.  You could spend a ton of money without this knowledge.  Done properly you will get leads regularly on auto pilot.

Bandit signs can work well in some places but you have to be aware of the law.  In my area real estate ads signs can only be put up on Friday's and must be removed by Sunday evening.   Putting signs on poles and and leaving them can be subject to fines.  Ask me how I know.   I received both letters and phone calls telling me to remove them or I would get fined!

like @J Scott said you have done the easy part   great job 

now comes the marketing and networking for leads with motivated sellers 

good luck to you on your journey

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