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Hey all I posted this in the marketing forum as well:

I had a question for all of you.

I have found a PDF list online that states the following:

  3. 10th Circuit - Probate Division - Brentwood 10/25/2014 thru 11/07/2014
  5. Notice is hereby given that the following fiduciaries have been duly appointed by the Judge of Probate for Rockingham County.
  6. All persons having claims against these decedents are requested to exhibit them for adjustment and all indebted to make payment.

It is then followed by names and addresses of, what I assume are fiduciaries of these estates.

Should I just mail to the list of names or am I misunderstanding what this list is?

Thanks in advance!


I believe that's the list of court-appointed fiduciaries who may be individuals but could also be a bank with trust powers.  This would occur when someone passes away without a designated executor and therefore probably also no will at all.

Fiduciaries could be legit people to contact - it's there job to get all the debts and assets of the estate taken care of.  They will compile and file the inventory of the estate, etc.  fiduciaries are often paid a % of the estate for handling this duty (hence, you see banks offering this service).

In most cases I believe a fiduciary is not an heir, and therefore may not have the ability to SELL you a house held by the estate.  Such a property would need to get through probate, where the deed has been changed to the name(s) of the heir(s).  Once that's done, the heir(s) can sell you the house.

Perhaps by contacting the fiduciary early, you might be able to influence him or her to let the heirs know that you can help them convert real estate into real cash...

Executors named in wills, on the other hand, are often heirs themselves (e.g.,. one of the adult children of the deceased).  Probate filings with the county court should also be available to you, but I think that will be a different list that the list of fiduciary appointments that you've found there....

These may be private, professional fiduciaries. I work with quite a few of them in California where they are licensed by the state if operating as an independant 3rd party service.

I'd be reluctant to casually mail to or otherwise solicited these people until first determining if they are, in fact, fiduciaries for hire. 

If so, this group expects pretty high levels of professionalism and are not impressed with clever, fast-talking real estate investor types, however they will often respond well to a licensed broker/associate who treats them as they would attorneys or any other member of the legal community.

Thanks for the replies. Will have to do some more digging to figure out who these folks are.

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