"Aint Nothing to It But to Do It"?

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We all know the old adage "Aint nothing to it, but to do it!" But I am trying to get started in wholesaling and am a little nervousssss!!! Help me help ME... What should be my first step (minus reading and researching, I did months of that)? I have a few properties that I find interesting and appealing, but I have not attempted one deal yet and it's because I am trying to figure out where to start and how to go about it as a new wholesaling investor... Is "ListSource.com" a solid source and is it beneficial for wholesalers? If not (or so) what are some other sources that are good for finding distressed homes (outside of bird dog) and investors to scoop them up?  Any feedback is IMMENSELY appreciated!!! Thanks so much in advance!! 

Tanikka from Philly!

If you find a good deal in Philadelphia, a true off-market and under market property, send it to me.  Now you have at least one cash buyer on your list!

well let's make that 2 cash buyers.  I agree send them to me and also Ethan maybe one of us will have interest in your property 

You guys are great!! Thanks so much, TRUST and believe, you both are on the list... The funniest thing is, I was more concerned with investors, versus the deal... So you have actually made my nerves subside... Gracias... be in touch soon! 

To answer your question, a car is only as good as its driver so Listsource will be the most useful to you if you know what you're looking for. You said you did your homework and research so you should know what you're looking for, just plug that into Listsource and start your marketing campaign! 

The hardest part is getting started! It's all a learning experience, have fun with it (as long as you don't get yourself into legal trouble :P )!

List source is good. Agentpro247 is good too. Sometimes you can partner with a wholesaler. But a lot of wholesalers suck so sometimes you have to figure which ones are good and which ones are terrible.

Also there is a Philly REIA called the RING that meets once a month. There are a lot of wholesalers there.

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