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Normally your research is done before you buy the list (knowing what zipcodes you're targeting, free and clear vs mortgages, etc). After you buy the list is when you sort it and get ready to mail it via your marketing piece of choice. 

Originally posted by @Michael Webster :

Thanks @Jonathan Quintanilla This is my first list and what I guess I was wondering is what info I should be looking for. I want to make sure I don't miss anything.

 Ah I see what you mean, well in that case you must first find out where you want to pull the list from, whether it be from a city/county/zipcode, etc (that takes some homework to determine, but definitely worth it). Then you have to find out what you want these owners to have: do you want them to have equity (for an all cash deal), do you want them to have high mortgage amounts (for subject to and wraps) or maybe you want them to be a certain age. After all is said and done you plug those into Listsource and purchase the list.

What's up @Michael Webster  

I purchased a list about a week ago...this is what I read to help me use Listsource....it was confusing when I first tried to buy a list about a month ago.  We need to talk about soon because I've been getting some traction this past month.   I'm willing to share my results and whats been working for me. 

Hope this helps! 


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