Using Bandit signs and zero calls... hmmmm

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Put out 40 bandit signs in high traffic areas at intersections 2 weekends and even left about 10 out there permanently and zero calls.  My sign is blue lettering with white background says:

Johnny Buys
phone #

After 10 hours spent putting up and taking down plus gas money I'm thinking
about putting my energy more into other campaigns. 

My question is how do some folks claim they get a ton of calls?  Even if I was at
at 100 signs I'm not convinced that would be any more effective and don't have
the time to spend 4-5 hours to put out that many each weekend and then 4-5
to take them down.

Just wondering what others have concluded on regarding bandit signs?

My seems from what my impression is seems to be relaxed about bandit signs
so I may just do it one more time and leave them out there all week!

Aberdeen is a small market.. but its also pretty depressed and has been for years so I would have thought you would have gotten some responses.  Love the airport there flying in over the bay... there is an instrument approach that takes you over the spit and turns you back in.. and the burgers at the restaurant are nice.

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Hey @Dave Lee  welcome to BP! Aberdeen, eh? It's nice to talk to someone in my local market!  I invest in Hoquiam, Aberdeen, and Montesano. 

As for Bandit Signs - yah, I'm not sure I'd recommend it. Not sure on the legalities in Grays Harbor, but you will want to check on that before putting them up. There are deals straight on the MLS if you look hard and negotiate well!

Definitely keep in touch and let me know how I can help. I might make a local real estate club soon. Interested in coming? 

Are there many other bandit signs around for other things?  If so, people can get used to ignoring them.

One idea is to make your own signs so they stand out more.  We had a lot of success with that, but it was mostly for rent-to-own buyers, which are generally going to get more calls anyway.  But we made signs from neon-colored poster board, about 3-4 times the size of typical bandit signs, and attached them to tomato stakes.  We wrote on them with one of those giant black markers.  You couldn't miss them.

Be sure your phone number and/or website are easy to read from at least 50 feet away.

I'm not sure how your locations were, but it's good if you put them close to a traffic light so people can write down or call the number while they're stopped.

Another option is to put them in/near neighborhoods where you want to invest so people in that area will be sure to see them.

I'm not saying bandit signs are necessarily the way for you to go, but they can get some results if they stand out enough.