Need Help Probate ?

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Morning Bp,

I've been pulling probate leads for about a year now and I have not had any luck.What kind of wording are you all using that has been successful.How often are you sending mailers.

What's working?

All responses are greatly appreciated.

What is your current strategy?

How many records do you currently track?

How many times do you "touch" them?

Letters or postcards?

Short or long copy? (This refer to the number of pages in a letter).

Business or personal approach?

Offer or call-to-action in your copy?

ANY responses ever?

@Rick Harmon

Thanks rick for the response 

1. I call as soon as I get the lead and also mail Postcards.

2 Currently don't track records (don't know what  records I should be tracking)

3.Postcards use the same message as I do with other mailers. (No postcards only for probate leads )maybe that the issue

4 Postcard are short 

we are very interested in your property 

What we offer section 

3 Calls to action line

Only response are the ones I have called directly

Sound pretty generic. Guess you're getting a pretty generic response.

You did NOT answer all my questions. Suggest you do and then maybe you'll get some others to respond your query.

BTW,  both your letters and even your post here fail to meet the reader's favorite station: WIIFM 

@Rick Harmon 

In the past I have only mailed probate leads 1 time.(Issue)

My postcards are well thought out usually takes me about 2 or 3 weeks to get the exact placement  and wording.

I have closed about 6 wholesale deals in 1.5 years while working a full time job. ( All cold calling )

My response rate was great for about 6 months

25 Mailers = 3 return Calls 

That has change recently (no return calls) on mailers 

My approach is personal (What we do for you)

I've only had 1 deal not close.

I currently have 3 different postcards that's all I mail.

Without providing you all that I give my seminar trainees, I suggest you create a timeline.

On this timeline, you mark certain events.

As these event might occur, you want them to think of you. This means multiple points of contact and frequency. 

As for postcards, unless you are doing mail drops in the 1,000 + range, switch to letters. 

Create a sequence of letters that reach each name (that's what a record is) with multiple times. 

Just think about all the time you don't have a headache but the one time you do you want a pain reliever and medicine cabinet is empty. Now you're thinking "pain remedy" when you weren't before.

That's how it works. You want to be the first solution that someone thinks of when they decide that they have a headache house. 

Someone else please chime in. Ellis San Jose, others?

@Rick Harmon

Thanks I appreciate the input.

How often would you remail probate leads?

How many different types of letters?

Do you have any examples? 

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