Looking to pay my wholesaling dues in Greenville, SC

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I'veo been saving up a marketing budget to send out direct mail. As I delve into these forum posts concerning wholesaling I see more and more people suggesting working with an experienced professional first. I'm seeking a professional wholesaler in the Greenville, SC that I can assist in the day to day. Answering phones, talking with sellers, learning to estimate repairs and allowing this person to scale his/her business. A little about myself. I have grown up with a General contractor and business owner as a father. This being said my repair estimates will be on the more accurate end. I have worked in the service industry as well as in sales in the automotive industry. I hate to say I am looking for a mentor. When I hear that I think "hand out". I'm looking to trade my time and effort for invaluable experience and a possible commission for my efforts. I will be at the upstate Reia meeting tomorrow night. It would be awesome to meet some fellow BP family!

Hi Matthew,

What areas in and around Greenville are you going to focus on.  Recently started my direct mail campaigns and would love to talk to you.  I am not an experienced wholesaler but would imagine we could possibly help each other out.

Attractive areas in Greenville and Simpsonville. Downtown Greenville has a lot of potential I believe. A lot of cheap teardowns and spec builds. I drive about 60-80 miles a day in Greenville and surrounding areas for my day job. Kind of like driving for dollars on the company's bill. But yeah we should meet up and pick ac hot hers brain. The upstate Reia meets off of Verde in greenville. They are holding a new members/guest meeting from 6:15-7 tonight. I'll be out there. 

pick each other's brain* I'm typing this on my phone. Sorry. 

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