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Greetings my friends 

Your responses are appreciated in advance.

I am in the process of preparing the contracts for wholesaling which there are two types of contracts that are used in wholesaling :Assignment contract , and purchase contract.

I have tried accessing the contracts that are posted on and have found a couple of good ones. Yet I would like them to be reviewed by a lawyer so it wont cost me so much money.

What best make a contract? How much should i be paying the lawyer? is there a deference for contracts that I should be looking at ( Knowing that I live in Phoenix Arizona)? what should I tell the lawyer when asking them to review the contracts?

Also if there is resources to look at for contracts please let me know .

Have a blessed Journey 

Haitham Abbasi

go to your local REIA. you're bound to find an RE lawyer or someone who'll be able to assist.

ask a realtor for all docs on purchase and sales agreements specific to your state/county. 

Use a standard AAR purchase contract its the PC used by a Realtor, people have the perception that only a Realtor can use this contract but that is incorrect. On the buyer line use your name: and/or assigns very simple. Good luck

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