What are other effective techniques for generating leads besides estate probate

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I am interested in learning about other effective techniques for generating leads besides estate probated...any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Driving for dollars, direct mail, bandit signs, networking just to name a few.

I think that you should consider how much are you budgeting for marketing and time.  I think that direct mail can get you a very vast response.  However, it is probably cost the most.  Bandit signs will also give you immediate response.  However, you need to put them out at quite a few locations.  You also must be aware of the 'Sign Police'.  Driving for dollars is effective but takes a little more work.  Networking is probably the best overall.  But it is more of a longer term strategy. 

Look into Listsource & Click 2 Mail.  Absentee owners

Originally posted by @Roland Paicely :

Look into Listsource & Click 2 Mail.  Absentee owners

 Hey, may you explain a little more about direct mailings? Still confused. How can I go about getting lists? Any podcasts you would recommend?

@Account Closed on here and feel free to add him. Check out his website. We have used him with great success for about 6 months now. Jerry will pull a list for you if you ask nicely. Keep in mind with yellow letters you need to be able to consistently afford to pay the marketing cost for 6 months without expecting a deal. You may very well get lucky and get one off of your first drop. (I did!) But set yourself up for sustainable success. Most people will tell you that 500 notices a month is the bare minimum you want to do with 1k being preferable. So you would be looking at roughly $1300.00 for your first month drop of 1k notices. $200.00 of that going to pull your list. It may be worth looking for a buddy who wants to invest or someone else in your area. 1k a month is more manageable when split between two people. I have a business partner and that's how I have done mine. We are now dropping 1500 notices a month. We have wholesaled one, added two rentals, and have 2 more under contract. The leads have DEFINITELY paid for themselves. Jerry will offer coaching included with the cost of your leads. If you are relatively green to REI that is a great service! I am also always available to answer questions as well. You will learn more off of your first deal then 100 books can teach you.

@Ryan Dossey  That was extremely helpful and it really put it in perspective for me! I appreciate all of the help!

Any time @Brandon Monaghan  fell free to reach out if I can ever be of assistance. When you get your hands dirty and need contracts, advice, or tips on marketing leads let me know. 

@Ryan Dossey  I'm going to focus on probates for awhile until I get a good grip on it then expand from there.  Probate leads are just pretty challenging and time consuming to pick up in Charleston SC!

I am new to all this as well. How often to you update your list? After every monthly drop of postcards? Or after a 6 month sweep? 

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