Property Radar equivalent in Eastern US

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as a wholesaler, i've found property radar to be amazing...if working in WA, OR, CA or NV. But i've got stuff going on all over the country - MI, IN and now NY...

can anyone make a recommendation for a site/service that can provide data for the entire US?  what i need is a way to find properties that have certain characteristics - much like you'd do when ordering a farm list.  it would also be nice if this service provided info on foreclosures, listings, recent sales, etc.  


Hi Patrick,

I don't think you will find one thing. For farm lists, other than foreclosures, I'd suggest ListSource - expensive but you'll find lots of good reviews on them here. For foreclosures finding local providers is always best, but if you need national then I'd say RealQuest or RealtyTrac - both of those will be notices only though, no sale updates. For listings and sales, probably Redfin, Zillow, Trulia or, on the plus side, they are all free. For property profiles, perhaps RealQuest again. 



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I have heard that Zillow is not a good resource to use for property valuation.
But I still use it to get an idea on property values.
I also use Redfin, but it has different metrics than Zillow does.
What is your perspective on these websites?
Thank you!

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